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Name: DreamPrince
Relevant Social Media: Discord as DreamPrince
Formats Played: VGC 23, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15,14
BIO: Started playing competitively in XY with a focus on cartridge formats like VGC and BSS, but transitioned into Smogon formats with an emphasis on Monotype, 1v1, National Dex Mono, Ubers, and LC while still dabbling in VGC. Have a preference for 3DS formats.
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Name: Benji
Relevant Social Media: @AyoItsBenji (Twitter)
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
My preference is VGC 2017 because I got day 2 invite in NA seniors but I'm also alright at 18' (WCS day 1) and 19' (RIP 16')
Formerly NightLight26 - Ben for 3k! I won't let you down.
Name: Textfont
Relevant Social Media: TextFont on Twitter and Discord
Formats played: VGC 2011-2023
Bio: still playing VGC15 forever in my heart

ok but seriously: represented Team SEA in VGC World Cup from 2017 onwards for the older formats (was part of the winning team back in 2017 and yes I was playing VGC15 all the way to the victory and continued to play it many years after), was ranked at Worlds for 2013 and 2015, qualified in 2018 too but that's my most hated format. I do better with formats that are longer so the newer formats are not my idea of a good time. I just really love 2015 and will jump at any chance to play Mega Kangaskhan Talonflame Brave Bird again. Most recent accomplishment is Top 8 SG Nats 2023 but really that's not saying much tl;dr: I just really want to play VGC15 again
Name: bsmiffy / Brady Smith VGC CORNER

Account Verification: @bsmiffy_ @vgccorner on Twitter

Formats Played:
  • Every format listed besides 2013
  • 15, 17, 18, 19, and 22 are my strongest
  • I am good at building in old-formats, specifically 15, 17, and 18
  • Free VGC 2016
Bio: I've won a regional in 2015 and 2017, qualified for day 2 worlds in 2018, top-cut worlds in 2022, and disqualified from worlds 2023. Strong preference to playing 2015, 2017, and 2018, can fill in 2022.
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Name: Scholar
Relevant Social Media: Machinist on Discord
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 13, VGC 15, VGC 2017, VGC 2018 can play others with support
Bio: I was a competitive Smogon player between 2017-2021 and have a lot of experience in teambuilding and team tours. I do not have any relevant vgc experience other than playing a couple matches on showdown every once in a while between my active years and vgc 2015-2017 meta on my 3ds.
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Name: mewmart
Relevant Social Media: mewmart (Discord), mewmartVGC on and Smogon
Formats played: VGC 17, VGC 18, VGC 19 Ultra, VGC 2020 S10, S12, VGC 2023 Reg C,D
Bio: SG player and grassroots caster. Best result is only VGC 2017 Day 1. Hoping to improve and play with the best to learn as well!
Name: Squazo
Relevant Social Media: @ayoitssquazo (Discord)
Formats played : Gen 8
Bio : Just started official tourneys but was consistently almost in the top 500 on showdown for all generation 8
Name: tko
Relevant Social Media:
memcho on discord
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
VGC 13
I kept up with the 2013 meta but would need team support to a degree
Name: Azluc03(⌐▨_▨)
Relevant Social Media: Azluc03 on Discord
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 19 Ultra
Bio: the 3k steal no one actually knows about
Name: XelloW
Relevant Social Media: Xellow (discord)
Formats played (please state the actual format names): 19-23, willing to play any
Bio: My favorite format is the vgc2022 but i can play all the recent format because i follow a lot the metagames since 2019. I never participate to an IRL tournament but i play a lot on the ladder on console (often in the top 300) and on showdown where i reached the top 30 in the format vgc 2022.
Name: Grandmas Cookin
Relevant Social Media: grandmascookin (Discord), @GrandmasCookin_ (Twitter)
Formats played: 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019
Bio: currently x-1 in pgl +2 wins in the ghosting slot playing exclusively gen 7, long time player and i consider 2017/18 my best formats. ive also played old gens in previous editions of winter league


formerly LMGRaden
Name: Raden
Relevant Social Media: @backpackerraden
on Twitter and Discord (in process of changing it here as well)
Formats played (please state the actual format names): 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018(partial, mostly pre-Incin), Sword/Shield S2-12, SV Reg A, B, D
I have followed VGC loosely since late 2014 and playing since 2015. I mostly started playing on the Pokemon Amino VGC community with players who've gone on to have success in NA and AUS circuits. During that time I played on various draft leagues and premier-league-esque tournaments. I took a break during the USUM cycle to focus on school, but returned with the release of Sword and Shield.
I have a love of retro formats, and have wanted a greater retro-VGC scene similar to what the TCG has. At one point I wanted to start a larger community on retro-VGC but didn't because of various life circumstances taking priority.
I love chronicling VGC history, and used to write about VGC on Amino. My works there are quite dated though.
My favourite and most comfortable formats are 2015 and 2013 (and SV Regulation B.) I also am fond of 2016, 2018 and 2017 (when it's not a Celesteela war). I would prefer not to play 2019 or the SWSH formats, but I realize the older formats are often more desirable.
Name: Bdogplatinum
Relevant Social Media: Bdogplatinum (Twitter/Discord)
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
Gen 8-9. Willing to test other formats as well.
#1 Giratina player (Only giratina player)
Name: Val
Relevant Social Media: Val16___ on twitter, Val16 on discord
Formats played (please state the actual format names): Gen 8
Bio: Top 4 at the last battledome in series 12, top cut a lot of online tours in gen 8, also played a bit in gen 7 formats
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Name: Cable
Relevant Social Media: CableVGC everywhere
Formats played (please state the actual format names): all of them (prefer non restricted legends formats)
Bio: Current NPA commish
Community staple oldhead
Want to chill playing old formats with others from back then I dont interact with as much lately!
Name: Darts
Relevant Social Media: dartsvg
Formats played: 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Bio: easy 3k
Won NAIC 22 as senior
Top 8 the 500$ player nino tour
played smogon wl and smogon pl
Name: realbmorebrass
Relevant Social Media: realbmorebrass on Discord and Smogon, BrassVGC on Twitter
Formats played: 20, 21, 22
Bio: Top 32 Orlando 2023, 3-2 record NPA XI Birds, 4-2 record PGL 3 Murkrows, Top 16 Champions Cup (SWSH S3) in April 2020
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